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Watch GPS tracker child safety

Every day your child is becoming more Mature, more independent, and your concern about its safety remains, as before – strong, occupying all thoughts, sense. If you let your kid one to school, class to section, just take a walk with friends, you will always worry about what's happening right now with your toddler.

Physically you can't always be around, you always find something, however, with the help of modern technological solutions to solve this problem it seems quite possible. In fact, for a very reasonable cost.

Always be aware of his or her whereabouts will help watches with gps tracker for kids. Modern tracking technology allows real-time follow-up: where is the object to listen to the surrounding situation, to keep track of all movements of the child.

Let's try and define which parameters you should choose what is best to buy watch gps tracker for kids.

Possible gadgets baby watch

Kids smart watch with gps tracker – a great find for a caring parent, she can solve the problem of monitoring the movements of your offspring. Depending on model and manufacturer, quantity and a set of useful functionality may be different. However, most present in the domestic market models allow:

 Track the current location of the object;

 To trace the route of movement;

 To set up 'safety zones', such as: Playground, school, grandma, etc., to notification in the case if the child leaves the zone;

 Some watches can implement sending a message to the parent if the child will attempt to remove the watch from your wrist;

 All brands of watches have the function of alarm call;

 Parent has the ability to remotely turn on the smart watch is a microphone that will give him the opportunity to listen to the baby's surrounding environment;

 The most expensive, advanced models can measure the moving speed.

To purchase a tracking device for children in these troubled times is not just a tribute to the time, but an urgent necessity.

Why smart watch for kids better than any smartphone

Of course, even the cheapest smartphone has a GPS module, and configure it to transfer information it is five minutes to understand this parent. Why buy a backup device? We describe a number of advantages:

 Smart watch for kids have a durable bracelet, because to lose them in the difficult times than any, the most advanced smartphone. Any parent is probably well-known situation when the baby is with sadness to report that accidentally lost a brand new, expensive machine;

 For conversations, smartphones, of course, much easier than a watch, but there are no preset hours of children's toys. This fact will help them do business and not disappear in online games;

Smart watch with gps tracker for kids great hold a charge, they will not have to charge more than 5-6 days.

Best tracking device for children

Except for children smart watches, the domestic market of devices that provide object tracking with a lot of gadgets that perform the same function but have a different appearance. You can buy gps tracker for child in Moscow made in the form of stylish key chain or pendant for a school backpack. SOS button with the function of listening environment.

The choice is yours the price of children's gps tracker will change to the one or the other, depending on the kit you need for you the functional features of the device. Someone with only basic functionality, someone wants to obtain the full set of features, while paying a much greater amount. For any buyer in our store are suitable for queries of the electronic device. To make the final choice, to determine the set of required features will help our professional consultants. All devices sold on our site, are tested, which is confirmed by certificates of conformity. You can be sure that you purchase gps products are absolutely safe for your kids.


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298-01 Tracker pendant key chain pendant for otslaivanija kids send an SOS GPS+WIFI+LBS

298-01 Tracker pendant key chain pendant for otslaivanija kids send an SOS GPS+WIFI+LBS

Pendant with built-in GPS tracker works in the area of mobile network coverage. The device allows not only to trace his whereabouts, but also arrange two-way voice communication between subscribers. In case of emergencies, a GPS pendant has an emergency button "SOS". The Autonomous machine can work up to 5 days, while the time of active operation (e.g., a conversation) is 1 hour.

101-64 Small GPS tracker to monitor a machine or a human A8
Best Out of stock

101-64 Small GPS tracker to monitor a machine or a human A8

Miniature GPS-tracker A8 with a powerful built-in battery capacity 500 mAh able to work up to 7 days. Its compact dimensions offer many options to set, and work within the coverage area of the mobile network ensures that the bug will almost always tell you his location. Tracker to track A8 is controlled by sms and has a microphone to listen to what is happening.

540-54 Magnetic mini GPS tracker SC907
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540-55 Personal GPS tracker real-time TK109
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